Using Our Brand Assets

Our Name and Our Logo

We welcome the opportunity to co-brand with our partners and are happy to provide variations of our logo and information below.  Please keep the following guidelines in mind and feel free to reach out with any questions on usage.


When referring to our organization…

…we ask that you use “The SME Forum”.   The full name “The Sales and Marketing Enablement Forum” may be used if necessary as a first reference and then followed by “The SME Forum” in subsequent references.


When using our logo

  • Our default is Full Color for all online uses unless that is impractical.  You can use either the stacked or horizontal versions to satisfy your design layout.
  • Please use the black or white version on layouts that are black and white only.  You can also use the white version on dark backgrounds so it’s easy to see when necessary.
  • To make sure that our logo is legible, and to maintain its integrity, please try to keep the area surrounding it free of other elements with a minimum clearspace being the width of the vertical ‘the’ x 2.
  • The minimum size of our logo is .25 in (6.35mm) in print, or 25px on screen, measured by the height.  On rare occasions, smaller may be necessary,but legibility should remain a top priority.
  • We want to protect our logo and brand, so please do not modify or distort it. If you have any questions or require a special format, email us at


Image Sizes (images below are PNG with transparency.  Dimesions are Width x Height and expressed in Pixels):

  • Small:  401×53
  • Large:  600×78
  • Extra Large:  801×104
  • PowerPoint/Word:  834×109
  • Small:  401×258
  • Large:  600×387
  • Extra Large:  801×516
  • PowerPoint/Word:  834×538

To download a file, right click and “save as” to your computer.


PowerPoint and Memo/Report Templates

Our approved PowerPoint templates are available for use when we are collaborating together on an event or presentation.   There are flexible and contain templates for the most common slide/content types.

Two versions are below.  The Full Color version is appropriate to be used in most cases.  We also provide Black and White  for cases when presentations might be for a small ‘internal’ audience or when printing quantities to preserve printer ink.

The Microsoft Word template below is appropriate for agendas, session notes, reports and other document types.  It includes a cover page and a page 2+ for more lengthy documents.

If you would like to discuss , please contact us at 



Hazem Gamal Biography and Headshots


Below is press information for COO, Hazem Gamal.  These include short and long form biography/professional profiles accompanied by both smaller and large/high resolution headshots.  These will fit most uses from printing to websites.

Please contact us at for any special requests or with any questions or call Hazem at 1-917-561-9553



SME Forum Virtual Events Logo Kit:  PNG with transparent background

We host many webinars and virtual events throughout the year.  If you would like to team with us on such an event, we have a series logos that include the tagline “Virtual Events” that may be appropriate to use on promotional or other items such as presentations.  The files below are provided in multiple sizes with the tagline in black for use on light backgrounds and in white for use on dark backgrounds. 

If you would like to discuss these opportunities, please contact us at 

Corporate Logo Kit

Full Color:  Horizontal and Stacked (PNG with transparent background).  

ALL BLACK:  Horizontal and Stacked (PNG with transparent background).  

ALL WHITE:  Horizontal and Stacked (PNG with transparent background).