“7th Annual Global SME Forum”: 2022 Materials and Event Logo Image Files

Our approved PowerPoint template below is for use when creating a presentation for this event.   If you wish to co-brand with us on the presentation, insert your logo in the prescribed places on the main and subsequent slides.  For best visual representation, we suggest  a PNG of your logo with a transparent background sized no larger than 330 pixels wide x 190 pixels high on main title slide and no larger than 200 pixels wide x 115 pixles high on the content slides.  The template is flexible and contains templates for the most common slide/content types.  If you do not want to use your logo, you can simple remove the placeholder boxes on the slides and save your presentation.  Yoiu would typically choose the Widescreen version of the PowerPoint for larger screen projections and the 4:3 for smaller rooms.

The Microsoft Word template below is appropriate for agendas, session notes, reports and other document types.  It includes an event branded cover page and a page 2+ for more lengthy documents.

Also provided are image files that are sized for an array of uses such as email headers  or LinkedIn posts if you are communicating about the event or social media posts that specifically discuss the conference and your participation.  If you have any questions or special requests, please contact us.

If you would like to discuss , please contact us at SMEForum@thesmeforum.net