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The State of Marketing Analytics in Asset Management

MarketBridge Benchmark Report


How Asset Management Peers are Building, Running, and Growing their Marketing Analytics Capabilities


In an earlier survey conducted by MarketBridge, 71% of asset management firms indicated they were increasing their investments into data, analytics and measurement, but for many gaps still exist, and ROI is often uncertain or elusive. Marketing Analytics should be the most straight-forward use of applied data science at a company—and yet it continues to struggle in this industry. Why? And what can be done about it?


In collaboration with the SME Forum, we conducted a benchmark study of 18 asset management firms across a mix of firm sizes/AUM and distribution channels to understand how firms are building, running, and growing their Marketing Analytics functions. With over two decades of work with over 100 Fortune 1000 companies, we accessed participants across seven areas that analytics teams need to function properly―from technology, data, analytical techniques and organization, to talent.


Access the benchmark study to learn:


  • The significant gaps between the current state and the “ideal state” of marketing analytics


  • Why 2/3 of firms have invested in deploying a single, unified CMS― but many are not taking full advantage to drive greater analytical insight

  • Less than 20% of firms have a consistent marketing taxonomy, severely limiting the potential impact of marketing analytics


  • More than ¾ of firms have deployed cross-platform dashboards, but 50% of those indicate data issues requiring significant manual intervention

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Bill Sheldon

Bill Sheldon

Marketbridge, SVP, Financial Services Practice Lead


With over 20+ years working with financial services clients, Bill knows the most effective data-driven sales and marketing approaches for banking and investment clients.

Prior to rejoining MarketBridge, Bill was the Chief Solutions Officer at Angoss Software, with overall responsibility for the design, development and deployment of predictive analytic solutions within major financial services accounts, including Great West, MetLife, Oppenheimer, Allianz, and Alliance Bernstein among others.

Recently Bill has been helping investment firms navigate the changing distribution landscape and align sales and marketing teams in digitally focused initiatives.