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Thursday, March 23, 2023   |   3:00 P.M. ET Mobile Platform:  Interactive Webcast


Continuing our work with SFDC from our working sessions in Atlanta this past fall, we will be holding an interactive update, Q&A, demo and feedback session for the SME Forum members currently using and interested in the SFDC Mobile solution. 

In the breakout session this fall, there was a wide gap of familiarity with the platform along with a palpable interest in leveraging the capability as field sales personnel get back out in their territories and are increasingly spending more time away from their offices.  We will be joined by Andrew Mangano – Director, Product Management and Urvin Thakkar – Senior Director, Product Management of the Mobile platform.  We will do a quick recap on the platform, talk about more recent changes that address our concerns raised in Atlanta, as well as discuss on going and future enhancements that are relevant to the asset management industry.  This will cover technical, administrator, as well as end user perspectives.  All are welcome and there is no limit to participation from any member firm so feel free to share with your teams and colleagues.


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Guest Speakers

Andrew Mangano

Andrew Mangano

Director, Product Management -


Cross-disciplined business director and data science professional with ten years of experience maximizing analytics in a multi-million dollar P&L. A customer-focused leader with expertise analyzing and predicting consumer behavior and businesses trends. Engaging collaborator with outstanding communication skills to turn complex processes into results.

Urvin Thakkar

Urvin Thakkar

Senior Director, Product Management of Mobile Platform -


Product leader that thrives in unknowns and technically challenging problems to build solutions for customers progressively in an agile and strategic manner. Launched multiple v1s, from ideation to launching, and also grew existing products by reducing user friction, re-architecting for scale, high reliability and reducing engineering cost. Experience building long term partnerships with internal and external teams and collaborating to build solutions that help customers get the best possible solution that moves everyone forward.

Strong communicator that can work the executives, sales, engineering, dev ops, marketing, legal and support comfortably. Frequently speaking with customer leadership teams and also presented and introduced new products at Dreamforce for Salesforce.

My diverse experience in building solutions in mobile, security, developer experiences, fin tech, ads, retail and real time collaboration gives me a unique perspective and learnings that help me take on the next new challenge. I enjoy building enterprise grade services and consumer grade experiences.