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Sales Activity Benchmark Webcast

Wednesday, April 5, 2023   |   3:00 P.M. ET

Wholesaler distribution has undergone a tumultuous 3 years, subjected to (1) a ~40% loss of advisor mindshare in 2020 made more difficult with an inability to meet in person, then (2) a struggle to engage with them in 2021 with ~35% unreached, and finally (3) a ~75% rise of in-person engagement, but at the expense of other traditional sales channels.


Join us on Wednesday afternoon April 5th to kick off a three part discussion where we dive deeper into the source of these insights and how they are helping asset managers improve coverage strategies and the resounding implications for what we must do next.


In part one, we provide an introduction to the consortium that has come together to develop these industry insights and assess how coverage strategies are evolving through use-cases (Virtual Discussion, April 5th)


In part two, we look to collaborate with you and capture your most pressing distribution needs – an output which will directly inform the future roadmap of which coverage / distribution problems we tackle over the next 2 years (Breakout Session at SME Forum, April 18th)


In part three, we look back at the past 3 years and assess how distribution has evolved and the implications to asset managers. As we look to the future, we will also leverage early changes in healthcare as a proxy for how asset managers may address the trends we are contending with, today (Presentation at SME Forum, April 19th)


Consortium overview:

  • An expanding consortium of asset management firms, currently accounting for ~700 active wholesalers across 7 asset managers
  • ZS collects, anonymizes, and aggregated wholesaler activity data to develop insights on wholesaler activity, attained firm/advisor share of voice, and channel preferences
  • Historically, the consortium has accounted for 241k unique CRDs and 2.7 million+ unique touchpoints
  • Our insights are focus on BD (expansion into RIA planned for 2023)


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