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Ignites Research: Post-Covid Collaboration Boosting Analytics Efforts

Briefing, December 16, 2021


We kicked off our Fall 2021 SME Forum with a look at the results of our collaborative research survey, Lessons From The Lockdown, conducted with Ignites/Money Media this past Fall.  Our opening panel discussion, led by Loren Fox of Money-Media with Ken Burd of Principal, Austin Lewis of Janus Henderson Investments, and Abhijeet Dalvi at Natixis helped our attendees gain some additional perspective on the findings of the research.  You can find that video, the notes from the session, along with a separate report all on our member website.


Since then, Loren has published further insights that can be read directly at Ignites Research and the accompanying 10 page PDF report.  Data and analytics are shaping sales efforts more than ever in the wake of the pandemic’s lockdowns. The unlikely cause: a rise in digital collaboration since early 2020 that led sales and marketing teams to engage more deeply with the data about advisors that asset managers have been amassing and analyzing for years.


Ignites Research:  Briefing, December 16, 2021; Post-Covid Collaboration Boosting Analytics Efforts  The pandemic sparked new forms of collaboration, which advanced the use of data analytics by sales and marketing teams. Here’s how asset managers can capitalize on this strategic shift now.    Read this full briefing on Ignites (Subscription Required)





Loren Fox

Loren Fox

Director, Ignites Research


Loren is the Director of Ignites Research, a Financial Times unit offering business intelligence on the asset management business.

Previously, he was a senior research analyst at Strategic Insight, producing market intelligence on the mutual fund industry. Prior to that, Loren was a business journalist for many years, having worked at Institutional Investor, Business 2.0, and other publications, and he is the author of the book Enron: The Rise and Fall (2002).

As an industry expert, Loren has spoken at numerous conferences and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and other publications. He earned his BA from Johns Hopkins University and his MS from Columbia University.

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