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A connected and active community is a hallmark of the SME Forum.   In the Member Site, you will learn about upcoming events and experience past ones, connect with other members, engage in vibrant discussions, find talent, see full member job listings and access our vast library of content from both online and in-person events. We welcome you to explore the community and get engaged.  As always, we encourage you to share comments, suggestions or feedback so that we can continue to best serve your needs.


Just reach out to us at smeforum@thesmeforum.net or call us at 1+917.561.9553 and let us do the work for you.

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Introducing The SME Forum Member Community

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Key Features:

Forum Library

Explore additional content and materials sourced on behalf of the membership.

Connect with Members

Quickly find members of the community that you can network to help you and share with.

Get Input

Do you have a question or unique issue to solve?  Join in or start a discussion and leverage the experience of other members.

Latest Updates

A quick look at what’s new in the Community.

Past Forums

Access all summary and full notes, presentations, and other content from our in-person conferences. 

Webinar Replays

Missed a webinar or would like to watch it again?  Access the full library including summary notes.

Forum Research

SME Forum proprietary research materials driven by member firms.


Learn about exclusive SME Forum events as well as industry events for sales and marketing enablement professionals and add them to your caledar.