Making Data Work - Instead of You Working on Data

Tuesday, December 19, 2023   |   2:00 P.M. ET


Learn to harness the true potential of data with our upcoming webinar, “Making Data Work – Instead of You Working on Data,” Tuesday, December 19th.  


In this session, we will explore data and analytics elements that go beyond the math and the technology, and focus more on the human and practical aspects of managing change.

Join us and industry expert Neeraj Arora as we share strategies and frameworks designed to ensure that your investments in data and analytics work for you.


Key Discussion Points:


Ask the Right Questions:

A shift in perspective can help clear the way!


Alignment with current state of execution:

Focusing on what can actually be done today helps to build trust as well as momentum for the big leaps for tomorrow.


Easy = Acceptability = Adoption:

We are tempted to go for the “advanced” solution, but the real objective is to keep it simple


Optimize Team Placement:

Delve into the organizational structure and discover if there’s a more effective “place” for your data and analytics team within the company.


Don’t ignore defining Ownership:

Uncover the critical question of data ownership and evaluate whether the output is being effectively “product managed.”


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Guest Speakers

Neeraj Arora

Neeraj Arora

Head of Insights and Analytics North America, Invesco


Neeraj is an analytics and change management expert with over 20 years of experience in leadership roles across Asset Management, Consumer Finance, Insurance and Advertising. Over the past 15 years, Neeraj has successfully led teams of data scientists, analysts, management consultants, and visualization experts to foster a comprehensive data-driven decision-making mindset within organizations. Alongside this, Neeraj has maintained a strong focus on change management aspects. He has been invited to speak at numerous conferences, specifically addressing cultural and operational challenges related to adopting analytics and AI.

Most recently, Neeraj spearheaded the Analytics and Insights charge at Invesco. Neeraj helped to enhance net sales growth by gaining a deeper understanding of clients and their interaction with the company’s products, supporting the organization’s ongoing commitment to client-centricity. His team strategically utilized data, business intelligence, and advanced analytics across wealth management and institutional business in North America, enhancing effectiveness and efficiency through a combination of analytical insights, visualization, and on-the-ground implementation.

Before Invesco, Neeraj was a senior consultant at Citibank for their US Retail Bank and Credit Card business. Prior to that, he spent over a decade in leading the development of analytics as well as optimal infrastructure for data driven decision making at Farmers Insurance, AIG and Capital One.