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Improving Event ROI

Wednesday, May 17, 2023   |   2:00 P.M. ET

In a sales environment that is increasingly competitive for meaningful in-person engagement, marketers and their distribution partners continue to struggle with their participation at industry events.  Most asset managers can’t even tell which events all their sales and marketing organizations have participated in. To be fair, the issues are multi-tiered and complex:

  • What are all the events that are potentially available to you
  • Which are most appropriate for your particular strategies
  • How can you best match your resources with the right events
  • Who is best poised to represent your capabilities
  • Where are you spending your money and what is the ROI

These are seemingly basic questions of any go-to-market effort, yet asset managers on the whole have a very hard time being able to answer these with any sense of confidence or consistency over time.

The SME Forum is pleased to introduce Function4 (F4) in this webcast designed to explore how the events space in Financial Services is changing, reveal the tens of thousands (yes!) events, speaking slots and sponsorships that are available from nearly 10,000 client firms all across the world.  No wonder we are having a hard time navigating these target rich waters!  This webcast is organized for decision makers in Marketing, Sales and Distribution, Strategy and Finance at any retail, alternatives, and institutional asset managers.  As several SME Forum member firms have already subscribed and use F4’s services, this is proving to be a serious source of intelligence to help asset managers make informed choices about how to best deploy your very limited and precious resources and, perhaps even more importantly, be able to see how you are benefiting from the investments you are making in each event you choose to participate in.

Recommended for Marketing, Events, and Distribution.  

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