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How Asset Managers Can Modernize Their Distribution Using AI

Monday, May 23, 2023   |   1:00 P.M. ET


How Asset Managers Can Modernize Their Distribution Using AI


Many of our SME Forum members have been reaching out to learn more about Tifin with their AI and machine learning solutions that are helping Asset Managers to position their products much more efficiently and effectively in front of the right advisors.  Now this is no magic bullet, but Tifin has been working in this space for a long time and more recently working directly with asset managers.  We will spend time with their chief Data Scientist, Nikhil Nawathe, to get under the hood of what makes this platform so intriguing to asset managers. In this webcast learn more about Tifin’s background and accomplishments, focus in on the most appropriate solution for SME Forum members (Tifin AMP), and hear from current users of the solution about their experiences. 


– Over the hour, we will discover how  asset managers can modernize their distribution using AI

– We will be joined by three industry leaders –  John Halaby, Head of Distribution at Harbor Capital, Sam Browning, Director of Growth  Partnerships at TIFIN, and Nikhil Nawathe,  Head of Data Science at TIFIN AMP.

– As key partners for the past 2 years, John, Sam, and Nikhil will share how TIFIN  works with asset managers like Harbor to modernize  distribution with data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

– Part of the discussion will include a demo of TIFIN’s Asset Manager Platform

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Guest Speakers

Nikhil Nawathe

Nikhil Nawathe

Head of Data Science, TIFIN

Nikhil Nawathe is the Head of Data Science at TIFIN AMP. He joins from Meta, where he spent the last eight years at Meta building and leading a team focused on marketing science research and driving impact to end clients. 

Nikhil oversees the development of intelligent algorithms within TIFIN AMP to address the modern data and distribution frictions in the asset management industry.

He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Cornell University.


Sam Browning

Sam Browning

Director of Growth Partnerships, TIFIN


Sam Browning is the Director of Growth Partnerships at TIFIN AMP where he is responsible for partnering with our Asset Manager clients to optimize their Distribution efforts, powered by AI.

Prior to joining TIFIN, Sam was a Senior Partner and Executive Director at a global asset and wealth management consulting organization, Alpha FMC. Sam is an industry thought-leader in data-driven distribution and sales enablement, and has extensive experience supporting global asset managers.

In his decade of experience in the industry, Sam has worked with over 50 investment managers, leading strategic and operational transformation across Sales & Marketing Strategy, Data Science, Machine Learning, Analytics, Enterprise Data, CRM, Distribution Technology, Front Office and Enterprise IT.

Sam holds an economics degree from the  University of Bristol, where he focused on systems thinking, game theory and behavioral economics.

John Halaby

John Halaby

EVP, Head of Distribution, Harbor Capital


John Halaby joined Harbor in 2018 as executive vice president and head of distribution. He is accountable for developing and implementing overall business strategy for distribution and leads the key account, sales, and marketing organizations. Prior to joining Harbor, John was the Head of Financial Institutions Group – U.S. Intermediaries at T. Rowe Price. He earned a B.A. from Cornell University. John is a CFA charterholder and a member of the CFA Institute.