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The SME Forum is a deep community of support exclusively for Sales, Marketing and Operations related professionals from within the Retail and Institutional Asset Management industry.

Virtual Spring 2021 Forum: May 3-5

Has a year of remote working and engagement with our clients due to the pandemic really changed everything in how we work and interact with one another forever? In many ways yes. But in many others the fundamentals of human interaction and running complex organizations has not.

The Spring 2021 SME Forum will focus on ways we have and have not changed as a result.

HSO Webcast: Rapid Apps, Accelerated Results

HSOLearn about the Microsoft Power Platform and successes in financial services via an on-demand webcast by valued vendor partner, HSO.

The SME Forum

The Sales and Marketing Enablement Forum (The SME Forum), previously “The CRM Forum,” and informally known as “The Forum,” is a professional membership organization primarily for Sales, Marketing, Operations and Technology practitioners for Retail and Institutional Asset Management firms. The organization is based out of the New York City metropolitan area with members throughout the US and Europe. The Forum organizes Spring and Fall conferences in the US and an international conference each June in London, England. Bi-weekly webinars, regular surveys, benchmarking studies and whitepapers are delivered throughout the year to support member efforts.

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A Supportive Community

Starting in the early 2000’s as a small Siebel CRM support group, The Forum has grown to include over 60 Asset Management firms with nearly 500 individuals across them. We encourage our members to think of the community as an extension of their own teams, ready to always provide quick feedback, guidance, and insights into shared issues or concerns. Members from across a broad spectrum within the Asset Management industry and in a diversity of roles ensures you  can easily engage with the right kinds of people about your needs.  Likewise, The Forum leadership and team is continuously reaching out on behalf of members and their firms to facilitate introductions, research and better understand topics of interest to support their businesses.

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Firm or Vendor Membership

Members come from retail and institutional asset management firms of all sizes and from a well curated, member-recommended group of dedicated Vendor Partners who share their wealth of knowledge and experience from both within and outside our industry.

Membership is offered to Retail and Institutional Asset Management firms at the firm level only.  Once a firm joins, any employee from that firm can take advantage of the Forum’s offers and services.  Vendor Partner membership is limited and reserved for companies who provide solutions and services specifically tailored to the asset management industry and are referred and recommended by our Firm members.

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A Foundation of Trust

The Forum’s sole purpose is to further the individual and collective interests of members within the community. We pride ourselves in cultivating this unique community of competitors who, despite their varied roles and responsibilities, are also like-minded professionals that have established high degrees of trust among one another.  This trust is driven by a common philosophy that it is nearly impossible to replicate exactly what someone else has achieved but is remarkably easy to learn from one another in ways that apply to your unique situations.

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