COVID-19 Impact Statement and a Return to “Normal”

The SME Forum originated as a primarily in-person informal gathering of like-minded people and has grown into a formidable community of Sales and Marketing Enablers over the past twenty years. While we have adapted to and adopted virtual channels to facilitate your access to and engagement with one another, we know that the in-person events we hold are amongst the most valuable ways in which you build your knowledge and networks.

We have been closely monitoring the health situation improve over the past several months, according to government health experts, and have decided to slowly and carefully resume a level of in-person events starting with the 2021 Fall SME Forum.  More information will be available here .

We have made significant investments in digital to extend, deliver and make available additional meaningful virtual events.  We plan to continue an intelligent mix of in-person and digitally delivered content.  We launched our Member Portal earlier this year to make this information and much more available to you on-demand and to better meet your own needs and abilities to network efficiently for your particular requirements with the rest of the membership unencumbered.

Since the onset of the crisis, we paid close attention to the advice of health experts, suspended all face-to-face meetings and conducted all business via phone, email, web conferencing platforms and other digital collaboration tools.   We believe that it’s time to carefully move towards a level of normalcy but will only do so with your and our safety in mind.

Our team is geographically and physically dispersed. Since we’re not co-located and all members heed health guidelines, organizational risk remains extremely low and business continuity possible.

If there is anything that we can do to assist you, please contact us using the form below.




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