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Asset Management Outlook: Next-Generation Distribution Enablement

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Insights and Critical Actions for Asset Management


Economic Disruption and Its Impact on Distribution

For years asset managers have discussed the need to transition to a “next-generation” distribution model to offset industry-wide margin declines. Many have been slow to adopt more advanced data, analytics, and technology capabilities, but the pandemic was a forcing event as relationships went virtual. The question has now become “where must market leaders elevate their distribution enablement or risk lagging behind?”


Our Analysis

To understand where companies are driving innovation, investing, and hoping to make bottom-line impacts, we surveyed asset management leaders across a mix of firm sizes/AUM and distribution channels.

Our research reveals both sides of the equation; key distribution priorities for asset management leaders (35+ firms), and the needs and expectations of over 100 financial advisors.


This Report

Our report “Asset Management Outlook: Next-Generation Distribution Enablement” lays out:

  • Biggest challenges firms face in this transition
  • Three top priorities for market leaders in 2022
  • 11 go forward actions to improve business agility, customer experience, tools, and technology


Select Insights

  • 28% of firms expect to increase enablement budgets by more than 10%
  • Less than 50% of asset managers rate their Customer Experience as “Great,” with the Intermediary Channel poses the greatest CX challenge
  • On average, most advisors today work with 7 asset managers. 28% expect to increase that number in the next 2 years
  • 90% of firms believe Tools and Technology and Data and Measurement are critical to distribution enablement success, but…

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