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Harnessing AI in Asset and Investment Management


AI for Enterprise – a Bluprintx report



Asset Management firms are primed for AI optimization. Holding a wealth of data, ambitious enterprises will see enormous productivity benefits through automated analytics, process automation and platform integrations that make it easier to handle vast asset libraries. Scaling operations will not require greater resources, but smarter application of those resources.


The roadblock in this narrative is, of course, compliance. Risks and regulations point to cautious handling of breakthrough technologies. However, asset management stakeholders must not keep their heads in the sand. The first movers’ advantage around AI is a serious proposition, and one which asset management firms can preserve by taking a proactive approach to AI readiness.

AI & Asset Management: first movers’ advantage

Asset Management firms that put the right foundations in place have a great deal to gain.


  • Brand positioning – As a pioneer in leveraging AI, your business can position itself as forward-thinking and innovative against competing asset management firms.
  • Superior services – Your core services will be amplified by AI, distinguished by their higher efficiency, deeper data analytics and enhanced personalization.
  • Client acquisition and retention – Your firm’s advanced capabilities will attract new clients, and improve satisfaction, engagement and loyalty among existing ones.
  • Boost productivity – AI amplifies your teams’ capabilities. You will be able to handle more clients, more data and more assets with the same resources.


Artificial intelligence will shape the solutions for challenges faced by asset management firms now and in the future, from portfolio optimization to process automation.


Why is AI readiness important for asset managers?

Stepping outside the sphere of asset management and investment provides perspective.

Bluprintx spoke to 200 senior figures – marketing directors, marketing ops, creative ops and executives – from a breadth of enterprises across industries. They were asked about their current and future plans for AI adoption.

A staggering 95% plan to use AI. And 49% are already using it.

Make no mistake, the same revolution is headed for this industry. Building on these insights, Bluprintx has published the ‘AI for Enterprise’ report which illuminates the importance of AI readiness across three key pillars.

Customer Experiences

51% already use AI to improve customer service. A further 43% plan to.

Go deeper into the report to discover the role of real-time personalization, conversational chatbots and how predictive customer support will enable you to build rapport internally and externally.

Data Analysis

Just 4% say they have no plans to use AI for data insights.

Do more with your data. Explore how AI will enhance every step of your data lifecycle – gathering, cleaning, integration, analysis and insight recommendation. Your assets management, elevated.

Marketing Content

44% are already using AI for content production. 50% will do so in the future. 

Leverage AI to accelerate compliant content production and free up your team’s time for the tasks that really matter.

AI is the talked-about and buzzed-over technology of our times. But, are you ready to do more than talk? Artificial intelligence in asset management has clear use cases, but responsible businesses will lay the foundations – the how, when, where and why of AI – before diving in head-first. 


Your next steps to AI readiness.

Plot your path to AI readiness with Bluprintx. Get a real picture of the AI landscape with the AI for Enterprise report, and explore the topics that matter most to you. The report takes you from fundamentals to finesse, without the fear factor. It puts you in the mindset of those businesses already adopting AI, ready to capitalize on the opportunity.


Then when you’re ready, we’re ready. Contact Bluprintx for your dedicated consultation on artificial intelligence in your sphere of asset management.