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A Roadmap for Modern Marketing Analytics

MarketBridge Executive Whitepaper


How to Make Marketing Science a Reality—and Deliver the Analytic Results that Executives Want


For all the promise of data-driven marketing decision-making, Gartner predicts CFOs will slash marketing analytics budgets by up to 60% in 2023. Companies have spent years building up these teams—however, they have largely been unable to deliver the data-driven results that executives want. In fact, the same study estimates that marketing analytics influences only 53% of marketing decisions.


Within this comprehensive resource, we cover the challenges of and approaches to operating an effective Marketing Analytics organization. First, we define the scope of Marketing Analytics, using a jobs-to-be-done framework: What (reporting on facts); Why (digging into causes); Who (understanding audiences and customers); How (attribution and mix); and What Will Happen (predictive modeling). Finally, we cover the seven functional areas that enable these jobs, and the best practices that make them work effectively: Source Systems, Data Pipelines, Analytical Data Storage, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Project Management, and Team Skills.


This whitepaper is a detailed, concrete resource for Marketers and Marketing Analytics professionals looking to take their organizations to the next level of data-driven decision-making.


Learn what Marketing Analytics teams need to better diagnose issues, predict outcomes, and allocate resources.


  • The six most common failure points for marketing analytics
  • The five key marketing analytics jobs-to-be-done
  • The seven functional building blocks of great marketing analytics teams

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Bill Sheldon

Bill Sheldon

Marketbridge, SVP, Financial Services Practice Lead


With over 20+ years working with financial services clients, Bill knows the most effective data-driven sales and marketing approaches for banking and investment clients.

Prior to rejoining MarketBridge, Bill was the Chief Solutions Officer at Angoss Software, with overall responsibility for the design, development and deployment of predictive analytic solutions within major financial services accounts, including Great West, MetLife, Oppenheimer, Allianz, and Alliance Bernstein among others.

Recently Bill has been helping investment firms navigate the changing distribution landscape and align sales and marketing teams in digitally focused initiatives.